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I’ve never acted before. Can I do the course?

Absolutely! Taking your first step in the acting game can be scary. This course is a great way to get some experience under your belt before entering the industry. If you have always wanted to be an actor but you’re not sure how to get started, join us!

How long will I have access to the course?

You will access to the videos and other resources for a lifetime. That means you can come back and rewatch any video you like. It means you can work through issues again and again.

I’m super busy will I have time for the course?

Each module is delivered on Monday morning. You will have a week to watch the video and work through any materials. You won’t be overwhelmed. Of course you get out of this course what you put in so we recommend taking it seriously and going hard. We like to recommend roughly 2-3 hours work a week on the course.

I’ve seen other acting courses that are much cheaper. Is this course really worth it?

There are online acting courses out there that are cheaper. To be honest, most aren’t great and you’re not going to get much out of them. There are some good courses available, but non offer the hands on element we do. You are paying not only for a great online course, but two trained professional actors who will be working with you the whole way through.

I can’t afford the course. Do you do any payment plans?

We do offer a payment plan if you are struggling to pay for the course. You can pay for the course over three simple payments. If you are still struggling, feel free to get in touch with me directly: andrew@stagemilk.com. We don’t want money to be an obstacle of anyone growing as an actor.

I live outside of Australia. Is that an issue?

This course is aimed at an international audience. The course is delivered in english, but can definitely be watched and enjoyed from anywhere in the world. Our past students have joined us from all over the world including Mexico, UK, Canada, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Italy, USA, Hungary, NZ and many more.

Are transactions secure on the site?

We use HTTPS and SSL certificate encryption, but don’t worry, we don’t actually know or see your credit card number at all we promise. When you input your credit card it gets sent instantly and securely to Stripe Payments, and it never passes through our server. Once we get a message back from Stripe that payment is validated you are good to go. If you have any concerns you can choose to pay with PayPal and you will be taken to PayPal.com to pay there.

Can I contact the instructors during the course?

Absolutely. We will have our personal emails and phone number available to students and be open for questions throughout the 8 weeks.

I have experience in amature theatre. Will this course help me become a professional actor?

Moving from the amature scene into professional work can be hard. Having the confidence to pursue your goals is essential. If you are confident in your abilities other people will be too. Learn how to approach a script, an audition, and an agent like a pro. We adapt our teaching to all skill levels and love working with actors who already have some experience.

I have professional experience, but I’d like to refresh my skills. Should I do the course?

We love having other professional actors in the course. Making the course was a great refresher for us. Also as professionals we so rarely get critical feedback on your audition tapes. That’s why the course is interactive. We give you the feedback you’ve been craving.

I’m struggling to find the time to study. Can I do the course at my own pace?

Yes! Completing the course at the same time as your intake is great, but we understand that our students have a lot on their plate. That’s why we offer lifetime access to the course material. You can tackle each module in your own time.

Is the course worth it?

For the cost of new headshots you get 8 weeks of high quality acting training, lifetime access to hours of original content, and personalised feedback on your work. Yes, it’s worth it!

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I’m an international student, is the course relevant?

The principles of acting are universal. Put in it’s most simple form acting is telling a story truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Regardless of who you are or where you live, you can learn acting with us. We have Australian accents, but the experts are world-class and the teaching is universal.

How do you contact the instructors during the course?

We use a variety of platforms to stay in touch with our students. The primary form of contact is email. In some cases where students are clearly struggling to understand a concept a Skype session or phone call will be arranged.

What if I don’t like the course?

We are so sure that you will enjoy StageMilk Drama School that we offer a 14 day full money back guarantee. If after 14 days you don’t think that the course is as great as we say it is, we’ll give you your money back!

Can I put the course on hold?

Once you have purchased the course you will have access to it for a lifetime. That means you can take it at your own pace. There are some practical projects in the course, which you can submit at your leisure.

So you offer scholarships?

We don’t believe financial issues should hold actors back. For that reason we do offer a generous scholarship program. Check out: stagemilkdramaschool.com/scholarship-program

What do I need to start the course?

All you need to study our course is a computer and access to the internet. It’s as easy as that to take your acting career to the next level.

Have more questions?
Live chat with us anytime from the home page and ask away