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Take your acting career to the next level

StageMilk Drama School is an online training program that rivals the top real world drama schools. Been acting for a while – but feel like you’re just not breaking through? This is your next step…

A Practical Course

Learn the essential habits, principles and techniques used by professional actors. A no fat, easy to follow 8 week drama school.

Personal Feedback

This is an interactive course. Throughout the weeks we will give you detailed feedback on your work to make sure you are developing as an actor.

We Are Here For You

We are available anytime you need us throughout the course, have a question or need help? Simply email, message or live chat with us whenever you need.


Click each module below to see more about each week!

Week 1 - Discovery Week

  • We get to know you as an actor. We get to see where your career is at, and what your specific goals are.
  • This week includes your first project – an audition monologue. We give you detailed, personalised feedback on your acting, so you can start improving straight away.
  • We dive into the acting process and get your development started. We look at some of the core acting philosophies and hear from our first acting expert Chris Edmund.
  • Learn how to nail audition monologues with our 10 monologue tips. Your auditions will never be the same again!

Week 2 - Voice

  • Master the fundamentals of voice: breath, support, resonance, articulation and forward placement.
  • Learn to use your voice confidently in any space and on any text.
  • An expert tutorial with leading voice coach Gabrielle Rogers.
  • A comprehensive vocal warm up that can be used for a lifetime.

Week 3 - Movement

  • Learn to be confident, and comfortable in your body.
  • We teach you movement techniques that improve your acting.
  • A physical warm up that will benefit your acting straight away. We teach you practical exercises to improve flexibility, expression and strength.
  • Movement is an integral part of acting training and we get one of the best movement coaches in the country to explain how to be a better mover.

Week 4 - Shakespeare

  • Master Shakespearean language and take on the challenge of Shakespeare.
  • Be confident acting the classics and learn some of the core acting techniques using a Shakespeare monologue.
  • Learn acting techniques for the stage. Improve your acting craft on complex text and be confident auditioning and performing Shakespeare.

Week 5 - Plays

  • Practical acting techniques to add into your acting toolbox. Be confident approaching any scene or monologue.
  • Explore acting techniques through contemporary/modern texts. We explore the 5 essential acting concepts.
  • We cut the fat and show you our favourite acting tips, tricks and insights.

Week 6 - Script Work

  • How to break down any scene for stage or screen.
  • How to be a detective and work out a character so that your performance comes to life.
  • Take a script from first read to finished performance.
  • We work through a scene using all the major acting techniques. You will have all the resources you need to nail any scene.

Week 7 - Screen

  • Screen acting basics. Learn how to act for camera.
  • Technical tricks to nail screen roles. Learn how acting for camera is different from stage.
  • Get comfortable and confident in front of the camera so that you can start landing film and TV roles.

Week 8 - Landing Roles

  • How to overcome nerves and audition with confidence.
  • Learn how to audition for Commercials, TV, Film and Theatre.
  • Master the art of self testing (auditioning from home).
  • Everything you need to know to start landing serious acting roles.
  • We give you some great insights into how to have a sustainable career and remain happy and healthy in what can often be a challenging industry.

A few little teasers from the course

Here are a few examples from the course! Almost 10 hours of HD video content inside!

Breaking down the story

How to use actions

Movement basics

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"This course was exactly what I was looking for and there is nothing else quite like it online. In person courses I've taken have not even touched on what you've developed here. I will cherish this information for a lifetime. You have met and exceeded my expectations!!" Michael

How to master your voice for stage and screen.

A comprehensive voice warm up for performance and vocal health.

How to build a showreel to send to agents and casting directors.

How to be confident as an actor in both auditions and performance.

A variety of acting techniques to break down any scene, monologue or play.

3 years of drama school compressed down into 8 comprehensive modules.

We learn from a leading movement coach how to use the body to support acting choices.

Learn how to submit and film the perfect self tape audition.

The team at have developed this course to kick start your acting training and get you on the path to success in the entertainment industry.

This course is fundamentally about two big things…

Training – Learn everything in our 8 week course that would be covered in 3 years of drama school. Super compressed and jam-packed with all the tips/tricks/skills and knowledge we’ve learnt over 10 years in the industry. Plus bullshit free insights on what it’s really like to be an actor! We’re not acting coaches, we’re actors.

Landing Roles – This isn’t a theory-heavy course where you’ll spend all of your time writing essays. In every sense, we want you to act. We will to load you up with everything you need to get started or to conquer the next stage of your professional journey. Once you are fully confident with your acting ability, we will show you how to get out there and start landing the roles you truly want.    

We’re really proud of what we’ve made. See you in the course!

Here at StageMilk Drama School, we skip the daunting auditions and strict requirements. We simply wanted to make high quality acting training available to everyone, not just those who have the means and talent to qualify for respected universities.

However, we do require you to have a passion for acting, a desire to learn and grow as an actor, and motivation to thrive in the entertainment industry.

The course outline includes 3 assignments which will provide you with practical feedback that can be carried with you on your acting journey. We will also work with you through live chats and group discussions which will allow you to engage with the teachers and fellow students on a simple, online platform.

You will also require a video camera to record 3 monologue/mock audition pieces. This may be a webcam or mobile phone, it doesn’t need to be fancy.

What to expect…

From the 15th of January, we will send out a weekly email with a link for you to check out the new course material on the StageMilk Drama School website.  In your own time during the week you can go over the videos and module materials and take in the lesson.

You will then be asked to do some work on your own and post about it on the group page and discuss with Luke and Andy.

Important Dates

The course commences on Monday September 15th and will run until 12th March.

Early bird discounted price ends on the 17th of December

Class size

We keep it to a maximum of 20 students per enrolment so we can devote enough quality time to each student.

StageMilk Drama School was founded on the premise that high quality, industry standard, acting training should be affordable and available to everyone who wishes to access it.

Having grown to be one of the world’s largest acting websites, we wanted to make something even more amazing. So we assembled a team of experts and teachers to provide you with insightful information that will take your acting career to the next level and really give an acting career your best shot.

Some of the concepts covered in the course include voice and movement mastery, understanding scripts and scenes and how to nail an audition.

This course is jam-packed with some seriously heavy hitters in the industry and a truly staggering amount of valuable information for you to digest and work on.

Some notable experts in the course…

  • We have the former head of acting at WAAPA, Australia’s leading drama school.
  • One of the most renowned headshot photographers in Australia and her tips on how to perfect your headshots
  • A showreel expert who explains how to master that very important video
  • Australia’s leading movement coach
  • Australia’s leading voice coach
  • A shakespeare theatre director from one of the greatest independent theatre companies
  • Professional actors who are currently making a living as an actor. We didn’t want big hollywood stars, we wanted relatable actors who have recently gone through and conquered the struggles you might currently be facing.
  • And much much more


We only accept a small number of students per enrolment so that we can tailor our teaching and feedback and take our time with each student.



Core Teacher


Core Teacher


Voice Coach


Acting Expert


Movement Coach


Theatre Expert


Actor / Producer / Director


Shakespeare Expert


Talent Agent


Professional Actor


Professional Actor


Showreel Expert




Professional Actor


Headshot Photographer

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Sign up for the course today, and if you’re not completely convinced that StageMilk Drama School is as great as we say it is, simply let us know during the first 30 days, and we will refund your entire fee.

We look forward to seeing you in the course.

Learn at your own Pace

On the Monday of each week you will gain access to that weeks course materials which you can work through at your own pace and have access to for a lifetime.

Watch on any device

Learn the way you want to learn. We have made this course work beautifully on tablets, mobiles and desktop computers so you can learn from anywhere.

Fun and Interactive

As part of this course you will get to know both Luke and Andrew, as well as the other like minded actors from around the World in our private Facebook group discussion.

A sneak peek at how the course looks inside…

Does it matter where I am based?

No, the course is all online, our current course has students of all ages from the following countries…


Have any more questions?

Feel free to chat with us at any time by pressing the chat icon on the right hand side, or by pressing the button below.

See what our students are saying!

Drama School Graduates are kicking life and career goals.


“This course was exactly what I was looking for and there is nothing else quite like it online. In person courses I’ve taken have not even touched on what you’ve developed here. I will cherish this information for a lifetime. You have met and exceeded my expectations!! ”

Michael – Edmonton, USA

“You two are wonderful, really truly! I have loved this course so much! I adore the personal touch, more than I can put into writing and will most likely be contacting you in the near future with a myriad of questions that will come popping into my head as I delve more into the acting world.”

Alyxandra – Perth, Australia

“As an international student I found it really easy to follow and to learn. I liked it because it was simple and you learn a lot about acting. I was able to take my acting to the next level. I was a little bit shy and this course allowed me to become more confident.”

Iñaki – Mexico City, Mexico

“What an excellent eight weeks. It was core changing for me. I needed this even though I live in Midtown Manhattan. I had to go all the way to Australia to be pumped! StageMilk Drama School Thank you!”

Malcolm – Manhattan, USA

“I can gladly say I am happy with my progress and it’s all down to how brilliant you both were. I will have boundless things to think about and so many great new ways to implement your teachings into my performances.”

Jasmine – Sydney, Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never acted before. Can I do the course?

Absolutely! Taking your first step in the acting game can be scary. This course is a great way to get some experience under your belt before entering the industry. If you have always wanted to be an actor but you’re not sure how to get started, join us!

I have experience in amature theatre. Will this course help me become a professional actor?

Moving from the amature scene into professional work can be hard. Having the confidence to pursue your goals is essential. If you are confident in your abilities other people will be too. Learn how to approach a script, an audition, and an agent like a pro. We adapt our teaching to all skill levels and love working with actors who already have some experience.

I have professional experience, but I’d like to refresh my skills. Should I do the course?

We love having other professional actors in the course. Making the course was a great refresher for us. Also as professionals we so rarely get critical feedback on your audition tapes. That’s why the course is interactive. We give you the feedback you’ve been craving.

I’m struggling to find the time to study. Can I do the course at my own pace?

Yes! Completing the course at the same time as your intake is great, but we understand that our students have a lot on their plate. That’s why we offer lifetime access to the course material. You can tackle each module in your own time.

Is the course worth it?

For the cost of new headshots you get 8 weeks of high quality acting training, lifetime access to hours of original content, and personalised feedback on your work. Yes, it’s worth it!

How does the payment plan work?

Most actors live paycheck to paycheck, we get it. That’s why we offer a payment plan. You can pay for the course with three payments leading up to the start of the course. If final payments aren’t made by week 2 of the course, the portal will be closed until payment is made.

I’m an international student, is the course relevant?

The principles of acting are universal. Put in it’s most simple form acting is telling a story truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Regardless of who you are or where you live, you can learn acting with us. We have Australian accents, but the experts are world-class and the teaching is universal.

How do you contact the instructors during the course?

We use a variety of platforms to stay in touch with our students. The primary form of contact is email. We also host a private Facebook group for students to ask questions and share ideas. In some cases where students are clearly struggling to understand a concept a Skype session or phone call will be arranged.

What if I don’t like the course?

We are so sure that you will enjoy StageMilk Drama School that we offer a full money back guarantee. By week four if you don’t think that the course is as great as we say it is, we’ll give you your money back!

Can I put the course on hold?

Once you have purchased the course you will have access to it for a lifetime. That means you can take it at your own pace. There are some practical projects in the course, which you can submit at your leisure.

So you offer scholarships?

We don’t believe financial issues should hold actors back. For that reason we do offer a generous scholarship program. Check out:

What do I need to start the course?

All you need to study our course is a computer and access to the internet. We use a Facebook group as well, so we recommend you sign up for a Facebook page, but that isn’t essential. It’s as easy as that to take your acting career to the next level.