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Course starts March 27th

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Jump start your acting career

Just starting out? Interested in drama school? Want to land your first professional role? THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU

The team at have developed this course to kick start your acting training and get you on the path to success in the entertainment industry.

This course is about two things…



Training – Learn everything in our 8 week course that would be covered in 3 years of drama school. Super compressed and jam packed with all the tips/tricks/skills and knowledge we’ve learnt over 10 years in the industry. Plus bullshit free insights on what it’s really like to be an actor! We’re not acting coaches, we’re actors.

Landing Roles – We want to load you up with everything you need to start you on your professional journey. Once you are confident with your acting ability, we want you to get out there and start landing roles.

We’re really proud of what we’ve made. See you in the course!



This is a 8-week online acting course broken up into 8 easy to follow modules.


You’ll get access to the exclusive StageMilk Drama Club which we will use as a discussion platform and a community page for the course.


You’ll receive 1 Module per week including a video tutorial and other resources on the Monday of each week.


It all begins Monday 27th March 2017 until Monday 15th May.


This is a visual course, that aims to teach through engaging you and exciting you to become a great actor.


Luke and Andrew work with you every step of the way. Personal feedback is offered to make sure you are growing as an actor.


Click each module below to see more about each week!

Week 1 - Discovery Week

  • We get to know you as an actor.
  • Detailed, personalised feedback on your acting.
  • We dive straight into the acting process and get your development started.

Week 2 - Voice Week

  • The fundamentals of voice: resonance, articulation, forward placement.
  • Learn to use your voice confidently in any space.
  • Expert tutorial from leading voice coach Gabrielle Rogers.
  • A comprehensive vocal warm up that can be used for a lifetime.

Week 3 - Movement

  • Learn movement techniques to improve your acting.
  • A physical warm up for the ages.
  • Be confident, and comfortable in your body.

Week 4 - Shakespeare

  • Be confident acting the classics.
  • Master Shakespearean languages.
  • Learn acting techniques for the stage.
  • Improve your craft on complex text.

Week 5 - Contemporary

  • Practical acting techniques to help you nail acting.
  • Explore acting techniques through contemporary/modern texts.
  • We show you our favourite acting tips, tricks and insights.

Week 6 - Scene Breakdown

  • How to learn lines.
  • How to break down a scene.
  • How to be a detective and work out a character.
  • Take a script from first read to finished performance.

Week 7 - Screen Basics

  • Screen acting basics.
  • Technical tricks to nail scene roles.
  • Get comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Week 8 - Landing Roles

  • How to overcome nerves.
  • How to nail auditions and self tapes.
  • How to walk into a room confidently.
  • Everything you need to start landing serious acting roles.
  • Being happy and healthy as an actor.

Who are your teachers?

The two core teachers in this course are Luke McMahon and Andrew Hearle. Both teachers are drama school trained, professional actors. As well as sharing their own knowledge, Luke and Andrew have enlisted a number of experts to take part in the course including Gabrielle Rogers, a leading voice and dialect coach.

Luke McMahon – A natural storyteller and performer, Luke formalised his training at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). He has worked professionally in commercials, voice over, theatre, television, and film. His recent feature film work includes Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, and Aussie drama Joe Cinque’s Consolation. He performed the role of Konstantin in The Seagull opposite Greta Scacchi. Luke is represented by Shanahan Management.

Andrew Hearle – Andrew is an acting graduate of WAAPA, one of the top international drama schools. Andrew has worked professionally in major TV series including Australia: Story of Us and Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door. Andrew has also recently finished work on the feature film Spirit of the Game, which was released internationally in late 2016. Andrew also works in theatre, and has appeared in a number of commercial projects.

Why do I need a course?

“The actor is an athlete of the heart.” Antonin Artaud, The Theatre and Its Double

Training is essential for early career actors. Natural talent and good looks are great, but a technical foundation is the only way to guarantee a long and healthy career. Acting is a craft; a skill.

And like any skill it can be developed. Of course some people come to it with more confidence or certain strengths, but everyone can develop as an actor.

Hard work and training is the only way to develop as an actor. But we’re not greedy. We genuinely want to help soon-to-be professionals improve their craft. So whether you’re keen to train with us, or somewhere else, do it! Training is vital for your acting career.

What you will get out of this course


Daily work is an important aspect of acting, we teach you what you should be doing each day to train and improve on your own.


Everything you need to know that we got out of drama school. Set yourself up with the acting foundations and skill sets that you can use in the real world.


This is not your normal online course. Both Luke and Andrew will be available the entire way through the course. They will give individual feedback and work with you to make sure you are developing as an actor.


We go over everything you need from nailing auditions to getting an agent and how to land your first role. We cant get you the roles but we can give you everything you need to smash it on your own.

So you want to be an actor?

You’ve wanted to be an actor for as long as you can remember and you don’t know what the next step is.

Sign up today and start your journey

We want to help you on your way and get you to a point where you are confident, skilled and ready to start landing roles and nailing professional theatre, film and commercial roles.

Have a Question?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the course. Just press the blue chat button at the bottom right of this page to open a live chat with us.